Ztail is a startup from California whose service helps users create professional eBay listings and publish them on eBay, classified sites, blogs and social networks.


Ztail simplifies the selling process by searching product data for millions of items and automating the listing process. The site uses the Shopping.com API to provide data that automatically populates Ztail listings.

For those that want to list on eBay but avoid the hassle of going through the process, this does simplify it, but it still requires work on the part of the lister - filling in item desciptions, prices, length of listing and so on.

In many cases, people may prefer to use drop-off shops like Auctioning4u, which is experiencing strong growth in the UK at the moment.

However, the abilty to simultaneously list on a variety of social network sites will appeal to many eBay sellers, even those that do not require help with their listings. Ztail plans to get some feedback from eBay power sellers before launching a tool to let them display their listings on blogs and social networks.