Organisations with an undefined content strategy may struggle to find a foothold in social media. All content, whether posted to native platforms or social media, must align with the organisation’s brand guidelines, sector-specific guidance and legal governance. This chapter suggests how brands can create a focus for their content and ensure social activity achieves its aims, also covering:

  • Intellectual property (IP): Brands creating or using content must consider copyright and trademarks. What steps can they take to avoid falling foul of IP laws?
  • Unfair trading: UK consumers are protected against unfair, misleading or aggressive advertising practices. How can brands help ensure their social content complies with trading laws and where can they find further guidance?
  • Privacy and cookie laws: With many advertising targeting options and formats requiring personal customer data, it is critical that brands understand how to comply with privacy laws such as Europe’s GDPR and the US’s CCPA. What steps can organisations take to keep themselves informed about these laws?