Customer Experience Deep Dive Courses

On-demand and online training programme for digital marketers

The Customer Experience (CX) Deep Dive training plans are for organisations and marketing professionals who want to create more meaningful interactions with their customers across the buyer’s journey.

This series of three plans will help you learn how to:

  • Develop a path to purchase that delivers an effective customer experience
  • Turn your customers into brand loyalists
  • Use data to understand and improve your customer experience
  • Identify, define and meet customer needs

Understanding Customer Experience with Data

Understanding Customer Experience with Data will help you understand how to use different signals to understand your customers and how to use insights from data, research and customer feedback to improve customer experience. This plan will help you track performance, identify areas for improvement and boost performance.

This training plan contains six courses:

  • Introduction to Understanding experience with data
  • Working with usability data
  • Deep customer understanding with ethnography
  • Connecting data analytics to customer experience
  • Applying customer satisfaction data
  • Closing the loop with the voice of the customer


Mapping the Customer Journey

Mapping the Customer Journey gives you a practical approach to identifying and meeting your customer’s needs using customer journey maps. At the end of this plan, you’ll be able to ask the right questions, research and map a present- and future-state customer journey.

This training plan contains six courses:

  • Introduction to Customer journey mapping
  • Preparing for customer journey mapping
  • Building a current-state customer journey map
  • Connecting data analytics to customer experience
  • Building a future-state customer journey map
  • Using customer journey maps

Defining Customer Needs

Defining Customer Needs gives you a practical approach to identifying unmet customer needs through in-depth research and data analysis. At the end of this plan, you’ll be able define your brand positioning around your customer’s needs.

This training plan contains five courses:

  • Introduction to defining customer needs
  • Knowing your customers and defining their needs
  • Optimising the research mix
  • How to conduct usability testing
  • Using CX analytics, goal setting, and applying the HEART framework

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