Data and Analytics Training

The Data and Analytics Deep Dive channel is part of Econsultancy’s on-demand and online training programme for digital marketers.

The Data and Analytics Deep Dive channel is for organisations and marketing professionals looking to improve the effectiveness of their marketing operations through data and insights.

This series of three learning plans will help you learn how to:

  • acquire, manage and maximise first-party data in your business
  • collect and manage marketing performance data
  • optimise your marketing campaigns with data
  • maximise ROI from your marketing and ecommerce investment

Data Acquisition and Management

Data Acquisition and Management looks at the different types and sources of data that can help identify and profile your customers across channels. It considers how to collect first-party data by request or through tracking and importantly how to manage that data within your business so that it’s value can be maximised.

This plan contains four courses:

  • Introduction to data acquisition and management
  • Identifying and profiling customers with data
  • Collecting first-party customer data
  • Managing first-party data in your business

Data Activation

In Data Activation you’ll consider how to mine and model data in different ways to identify customer groups for targeting and then how to activate this data to deliver more targeted communications and content.

This plan has three courses:

  • Introduction to data activation
  • Mining and modeling data for targeting
  • Activating data for targeting

Data and Measurement

Data and Measurement helps you consider how to define performance measures and how to collect measurement data using different platforms, providers and processes. You will explore basic statistical approaches to interpreting data and more complex methodologies for multichannel attribution.

This plan is made up for six courses:

  • Introduction to data and measurement
  • Defining marketing performance measures
  • Collecting marketing performance data
  • Interpreting marketing performance data
  • Analysing marketing ROI performance
  • Optimising performance through test and learn

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