This report explores why there is a strong case for investment in gamification marketing,  how to plan an effective strategy and deliver it well, including capturing data and achieving viral reach. It also looks at which brands have done it well, and considers what the future holds for gamification.

Brands need to continue to find new ways to be heard by consumers and truly engage with them.  Consumers are savvy and do not want to be marketed to, but be entertained. Gamification – the application of typical game-playing elements in a non-game context – gives companies the opportunity to meet this need, telling their stories and interacting with consumers in a way many marketing disciplines do not allow. It demands interactivity and engagement and, crucially, it is fun.

Advances in technology continue to see gamification mature. It is increasingly being used to engender loyalty, communicate information, educate people about products and services, change behaviours and capture valuable data.

There are manifold ways for brands to trial gamification, from incorporating simple gamified techniques across different platforms to investing in complex bespoke games. Gamification is growing in sophistication, offering great scope and potential for the many brands struggling to be heard in a digitally saturated environment.

Econsultancy would like to thank the following interviewees who contributed to this report:

  • Betty Adamou, Founder and CEO, Research Through Gaming
  • James Arnall, Marketing Director, Perkbox
  • An Coppens, Founder and CEO, Gamification Nation
  • David Eldridge, CEO, 3radical
  • Dr Zac Fitz-Walter, Gamification Designer, Speaker and Researcher
  • Stuart Howarth, Technical Director and Co-founder, Koko
  • Pete Jenkins, Founder and CEO, Gamification+
  • Martin Bjørn Madsen, CEO, LeadFamly
  • Sumit Sharma, Head of Digital and Content, Freesat
  • Becky Simms, Founder and CEO, Reflect Digital