The Consumer’s POV on Privacy, Messaging, Personalization and Brand Loyalty

Brands today struggle with global privacy compliance, the ever-increasing need to personalize and optimize cross-channel messaging along with how to create world-class loyalty programs. But will consumers share the data that brands need in a post-cookie world to power these personalized experiences? How does the consumer view these hurdles and what is their POV?

Consumers’ personal data informs nearly every facet of a brand’s marketing plans but their willingness to share it is changing rapidly. Consumers expect a clear value exchange for their data, but understanding how they interact across marketing channels is key to making the data work for your brand.

In this webinar, we highlight a recent global report, that we commissioned Econsultancy to support with, that reveals how consumers feel about privacy and control of their data, their affinity for marketing channels such as email, social and targeted ads along with what they believe drives brand loyalty.

Agenda points:

  • Privacy concerns that are driving consumer’s willingness to share zero party data
  • What the brand/consumer value exchange should look like
  • Effective messaging; the how, when and why across all of your channels
  • Global consumer engagement stats across privacy, messaging, loyalty, and ads
  • Tips on how to use this report to shape your go-to marketing


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