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The agile model: a part-art and part-science approach to marketing

As part of a recent digital transformation program, I’ve been looking for a succinct way of describing this new part-art and part-science approach to marketing that is unfolding around us.

The art being the growth of content and social over the ‘old world’ reliance on disruptive distrusted paid media. Science being the increasing automation and personalisation of all aspects of the customer experience.

This search has taken me on an interesting journey with the likes of Kotler’s Marketing 3.0 certainly offering a good read but sadly not the summary I was looking for.

So I decided to have a stab myself, providing a starting point for others to refine and build on.

Since then, Econsultancy rode into town with the brilliant Modern Marketing Manifesto. If this had been released a little earlier I almost certainly wouldn’t have tried to tackle this myself.

However I’m quite glad I did because I think I’ve arrived at a concise and formulaic representation of this manifesto with a couple of twists.