This report is an abridged version of Econsultancy’s Customer Retention Best Practice Guide. It makes the business case for why customer retention should be high on the agenda and provides tactics and case studies that marketers can use as a jumping off point for developing a customer retention strategy. The guide covers:

  • Buy-in: What can marketers do to engage all staff, and especially the business leadership, in the development of a customer retention strategy?
  • CX and loyalty: What does research say about the relationship between customer experience and brand loyalty, and what can marketers do to gain insights in this area?
  • Tactics: What can businesses do to target retention as part of their strategy, and how have other brands successfully put these tactics to use?
  • BPIs and CPIs: What are the metrics that marketers should be paying attention to when it comes to monitoring the effectiveness of their customer retention strategy?
  • Customer lifetime value: What is the business advantage of prioritising CLV as a metric, and how does it differ from and complement ROI?