The rising popularity and proliferation of social media in recent years has led customers to expect more from brands in this space. Businesses are discovering that it makes sense to be where their audiences already are, and that social CX presents opportunities to develop deeper relationships with the customer based on greater understanding and engagement.

This guide, an abridged version of Econsultancy’s Social CX and Customer Service Best Practice Guide, discusses the role of social media within CX with guidance on developing a social CX strategy. It covers:

  • Uses within CX: What are the three roles that social media can fulfil to enrich customer experiences, and how can they boost customer engagement and trust?
  • Omnichannel: With joined-up experiences becoming more of an expectation among consumers, how can businesses provide better customer service across multiple channels and touchpoints?
  • Planning: From change management to the removal of structural silos, what are the first steps for businesses wanting to embed social CX into their organisations?
  • Strategy: How can brands build an effective social CX strategy, and how can technology and data help with its delivery?
  • Measurement: What should brands consider when selecting which metrics to track?