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Best practices for e-commerce consumer surveys: part two

E-commerce voice of customer surveys are a great way of learning what your customers want and what’s making it hard for them to buy from you.

There’s a wealth of optimisation advice and market intelligence to be had, if you just give customers a chance to tell you what they think.

This post gives you a quick overview of how to get started with surveys. It covers the kind of systems you can use and explains some of the valuable details which will give you extra site optimisation information.

I’ll also suggest how you can work with the information in a way which will give you maximum benefit.

Best practices for e-commerce consumer surveys: part one

If you want to know how to make your e-commerce website better, ask the people who use it.

Surveys are one of the quickest ways of finding out what matters to your customers, what’s missing or broken and what’s getting in the way of conversions. They’re also a great source of market intelligence.

Add a survey to your site, treat the comments from your customers as if they contained nuggets of gold, and you’ll find learn things about your business and your market which no ‘best practice’ guide could tell you.