Do complaints on Twitter get a better level of customer service? Do people expect it? Yes and yes.

Customer service responses on external forums are just as important as those on your own Twitter stream/page.

Marketing, sales and service can be brought together with social.


It takes 40 minutes and 250 questions to sign up to eHarmony. Sometimes rules are there to be broken.


It’s one thing to have a multichannel strategy, another for the company to buy in to it.

Give retail staff the tools to do the ‘local digital’ job, but be aware that it’s not their main role.

BBC Worldwide

Success needs sponsorship, ownership, the right people, and a strategy.

BBC Worldwide used Royal Wedding news to promote their games site to news audiences, driving a 15% CTR.

Until recently BBC Worldwide had seven different email service providers but eCRM requires just one infrastructure solution, and one dedicated senior person to drive it.

FT.Com has experienced a great transformation from being a very traditional company to a leader in the use of new tech, such as HTML5.

It developed a web app using HTML 5 because Apple’s rules are too controlling. HTML5 allows it to bypass these rules and market freely.

Mobile traffic doubled has since June.

Entrepreneurial spirit is fundamental to business and motivation. Heritage is the biggest enemy of innovation.

Culture can drive innovation: collaboration, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. People and culture are much bugger obstacles than ideas in a company. “The ideas are not the hard part: they are all around.”


User generated content can be rewarded with loyalty points, redeemable against products.

The single customer view: utopia doesn’t exist. Data is nothing without people.

Mobile and NFC will save physical retail.

Email is the glue across the array of different tools used in digital.

Kiddicare now generates 11% of its revenue via the mobile channel.

Browsing and behavioural data should drive customer communications. Kiddicare focused on this and increased repeat business from 7% to 14% in six months.


Useful tools: @Chartbeat realtime analytics, @VerifyApp for user testing wireframes etc.

Spikes in online traffic in the three minutes window after a TV ad is shown.

Tailor the homepage when the TV ad is being shown.

Learn from online visitor behaviour to develop your offline marketing for different customer groups.

Site search is the best indicator of the type of visitors you have on your website, apart from user testing.


Monitor and adapt. Be nimble.

Use customer data, segmentation and insight to drive the customer proposition.


Tests that drove highest results were based on testing words, not colours, not images, not buttons.

Convincing argument against web chat for customer service: 17 fewer weekly calls but hundreds of 8 min chats.

It isn’t about what the boss thinks, it’s about what customers tell us. Remove egos from the equation.

The optimisation team fails with 90% of stuff it tries, but the 10% of winners can shift online revenues hugely and measurably.

ROI generated from optimisation covers the costs of the (small) team 100 times over.

Don’t believe the hype about tablet growth.

Stock images don’t work.

Shop Direct

The value of social media: it is 30% more powerful to see recommendations from friends than strangers.


Optimise across platforms. A/B testing increased the conversion rate by 15%.

Test innovation with small budgets. If proven to work it becomes much easier to secure bigger budgets in the future.

Hiscox will never offer 12 months for price of nine. Innovation rather than commoditisation.

Social is not the responsibility of the work experience guy.


Expedia sees a 30% increase in online sales when the phone number is shown on website. It heightens consumer trust and reduces concerns about customer service.

Change your marketing strategy from one that supports the organisation org to one that leads it.

61% of consumers online are willing to book travel via a mobile device.


Display advertising is involved in 86% of sales attribution for BSkyB.

Majestic Wines

Not all marketing activity needs to be measured.


Porsche generated 3,375,000 views across 98 videos. Works out at about 3p per person.

Create inclusive experiences for your fans. Create the kind of content that only you can.

Tell your story through video. Video is now without a doubt the way to communicate the Porsche brand experience across the board.

A FB app that personalises a picture of a car and shares it with friends is today’s poster on a bedroom wall.


Offline/direct mail tests proven to uplift online sales.

Personalised direct mail resulted in a 30% increase in sales.

You’ve heard of VIPs, but what about EIPs, where ‘E’ stands for ‘extremely’. These are the most prized customers.

EIPs generate “an inordinate amount of revenue” and are treated like royalty (first dibs on hot new items; personalised lookbooks; dedicated buyers and stylists; EIP orders picked, packed and despatched first).

EIPs who received personalised lookbooks spent 20 times more than the baseline.

DM booklets increased site sales by 60%. A small postcard campaign increased propensity to buy by 30%.

Use print ads in key markets to help build brand experience.

Gamification is not throwing some crappy badges on your shitty website.

The best way to reward customers is with status, not free stuff.

Rewards don’t always need to cost money. Think about SAPS. Status. Access. Power. Stuff. They are the key ingredients to gamification.

Team-based and leaderboard competitions massively impact success of gamification.


Nokia puts social at the heart of all of its campaigns. Measuring and optimising social is the key to success.

Alex Blagg

If you go more than six minutes without checking a mobile device, you will slip into existential oblivion.

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