As success in marketing becomes ever more reliant on the ability to process and respond to large amounts of data, customer data platforms (CDPs) are becoming increasingly integral tools in the martech stack. CDPs give businesses that all important ‘360 degree’ view of the customer, enabling brands to personalise and streamline experiences, and drive engagement.

This report details everything marketers need to know about CDPs, including how they differ from other tools and the key benefits they offer businesses. It features step-by-step guides to selecting the right solution for the organisation and ensuring successful implementation.

It covers:

  • Understanding capabilities: What are the defining features of all CDP systems, and why are teams beyond marketing also showing a keen interest in the platforms?
  • Benefits: From unifying data to creating efficiencies, how can CDPs benefit brands and support business goals?
  • Selecting a solution: What are the key differences between CDPs and other marketing tools, and how can businesses select the right solution for their organisation?
  • Implementation: What steps should organisations follow when implementing a CDP and how can they navigate the challenges to ensure teams are able to make the most of the platform’s potential?
  • Emerging trends: How are CDP platforms leveraging the power of AI, and what other trends shaping the CDP industry should marketers keep an eye on?