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Prevent Gmail clipping your message with an email diet

Gmail clips HTML emails that are larger than 102 KB. And while this in itself of course isn’t good news, it gets worse because it also hurts your email reputation.

Are your emails too large? Time to put them on a diet!

The effect of Gmail Tabs on email marketing

On May 29 this year, Gmail introduced the new tabbed layout. For many email marketers this was a major concern as this raised questions on the effectiveness and ROI of their email marketing activities.

Would the introduction of this new layout affect their open rates? Does this mean email marketing just got a lot harder?

Let’s have a look at what this means for email marketers.

Five tips for reducing email spam complaints

Some email marketers see the spam button as an evil device that ruins their email reputation while they are forced to watch helplessly.

But while it is true that spam complaints can have a disastrous effect on your email reputation, email marketers are everything but powerless in their efforts to stop collecting them.

Here are five tips (plus one bonus) to help you reduce the number of spam complaints you receive:

Five reasons you should stop using no-reply email addresses right now

A lot of email marketers use no-reply addresses to send their emailings.

The wide variety of excuses to do so range from ‘Nobody answers my emails anyway’ to ‘I don’t want to receive out of office emails’.

But when it comes to email marketing, there are no good excuses for using no-reply addresses.

Not only will your recipients conclude that you don’t care about what they’ve got to say, no-reply addresses also damage your email reputation and deliverability.

Here are five reasons you should stop using no-reply addresses right now:

Three essential email marketing tips

Three essential email marketing tipsEmail is alive and kicking. Worldwide there are almost four times more email accounts (4.4bn) than the number of users on Facebook (1 bn) and Twitter (250m) users combined.

Email is also a more active medium than Facebook and Twitter, generating 8.3 times as much messages a day (45bn emails against 5,2bn Facebook updates/likes and 175m tweets a day), and that’s not counting spam emails.

Or to summarise: if you want to reach a large audience, email marketing is a valuable asset that cannot be ignored.

Here are three essential email marketing tips…

Email reputation: what is the expiration date of your opt-ins?

Email reputation: what is the expiration date of your opt-ins? Assuming that you’re an email marketer with a conscience (and that knows a little about deliverability) you only send emails to people that opted in.

Maybe you even chose to go with a double opt-in system, to be 100% sure that your recipients are actually interested in your emails.

But although you are now complying to the email marketing legislation, these efforts aren’t enough to prevent that you’ll be regarded as a spammer.

An opt-in’s sustainability isn’t endless. Think about your email reputation and ask your recipients to prolong their subscriptions from time to time. 

Five uncommon ways for ecommerce retailers to segment their email list

It’s “divide and conquer” when it comes to email lists. Your analytics team is charged with putting your customers into their respective buckets.

Then it’s the job of the marketing and creative teams to come up with relevant messaging targeted to each segment.

Marketers are familiar with the traditional types of segmentation, such as gender, age, location and engagement.

These types of segmentation pay (literally), however, it can be even more rewarding to dig a little deeper into your list and find the correct segmentation for the job.

Following are five less-common methods of segmenting your list.

How to effectively segment your data

It’s a well-known fact that relevance is one of the points to focus on when sending promotional email messages to your customers. Data is relevance!

The data you gather from your customers and store into your central database provides you with tools to create relevant and timely messages.

By segmenting your marketing database into relevant target groups, you are on your way to get the most out of your customer data.

Five ways to reinforce your ecommerce activities with email marketing

Website owners hate abandoned shopping carts, inactive customers and decreasing conversion rates, but all too often opportunities are left unexploited to reduce these by delivering personalised, targeted event driven email marketing.

Email marketing also provides opportunities to build relationships, trust and boost customer loyalty which will also positively affect the bottom line.

In the following article, I’ll look into five key points that can help you to generate more revenue and take your ecommerce activities to a higher level using email marketing.