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Nils Andersson Wimby is Agency Director at Isobar Sweden.

Why the 2010s were a “decade of duality” in marketing and advertising – and what needs to change

2010 marked the launch of Instagram. It was also the year that Byron Sharp released “How Brands Grow”. We were getting better playbooks for overall strategy and understanding humans AND getting new interesting tools and channels. This should be the golden age of marketing. But instead of evolving in harmony, these two phenomena have developed […]


UX will not make you Uber, but it’s still important

In a classic scene from Monty Pythons Life of Brian, Brian/Jesus is adamantly trying to get people not to follow the crowd blindly, but to be individual and act for themselves. In a comical twist, as he tells the crowd “You’re all individual, you’ve all got to think for yourselves”, they answer in complete unison […]