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Using PEST, SWOT and scenario planning in a crisis

The Covid-19 crisis is an unprecedented event, the exact impact of which is impossible to foresee. However, those organisations that have dealt with the crisis best are those that had robust strategies in place for dealing with the unpredictable. There are a multitude of different tools available to help organisations consider and prepare for potential […]

Learning from a Crisis Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction The global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has had an unprecedented impact, affecting almost every aspect of daily life. Measures taken to slow the spread of the virus around the world have brought with them remarkable economic losses. The full economic impact of the crisis is at this stage unknown, but projections of the cost […]

Join Econsultancy’s June 25th briefing: Digital Transformation at Lightspeed

Despite a global strain on marketing budgets during the Covid-19 pandemic, nearly 60% of strategic initiatives, including digital transformation, are receiving stable or increased funding even in these tough times, according to Econsultancy and Marketing Week’s most recent Covid-19 Business Impact Survey. Clearly, in recent months, digital transformation has become a talking point once again. […]

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Digital Transformation Monthly – June 2020

1. Introduction Welcome to the June edition of our Digital Transformation Monthly report. At the time of writing, here in the UK, more than 10 weeks on from the introduction of lockdown measures, the ‘new normal’ is starting to feel… well, normal. We’re seeing a cautious relaxation of some lockdown restrictions, including offices requiring their […]

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A shift to digital but with less resource, do marketers have the skills to respond?

Looking through the results from Econsultancy and Marketing Week’s most recent Covid-19 Business Impact Survey (the third iteration, 25th April), there are several stats that stood out to me when juxtaposed: Only 6% of respondents from large organisations (annual revenue more than £50 million) said they were investing more in marketing to ‘seize the opportunity’. […]

Marketers on the new normal: Jim Misener, Principal & President, 50,000feet

50,000feet is an independent global creative consultancy with offices in Chicago and New York. Jim Misener is the Principal and President, setting the strategic direction as well as business development and client services. Econsultancy caught up with Jim to ask how current circumstances are affecting his and 50,000feet’s ways of working. Please describe your job: […]