Transformation, Agility and Leadership

Against a backdrop of increased competition and changing consumer behaviour, organisations must be agile and innovative. Ensuring structures are set up to overcome barriers to change, and having the right leadership in place, is key. Barriers to change In successive iterations of this research, Econsultancy has tracked what are perceived to be the most significant […]

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Ecommerce Strategy and Operations: A Checklist

Ecommerce capability, strategy and execution are ever evolving. As technology continues to develop, new models, channels and possibilities are emerging, providing organisations with more options than ever for reaching, engaging and selling to consumers. As software-as-a-service models proliferate, sophisticated technology-driven capability is becoming democratised, giving businesses of all sizes access to advanced tools and changing […]

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Ecommerce Products and Portfolio

Another crucial element of ecommerce is product. This chapter looks at how to select a product assortment that works as well as what to consider when choosing packaging. Getting the right product assortment To fully optimise the ecommerce opportunity, it is important to understand what product assortment will work best for each route to market […]

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Ecommerce Process and Resourcing

The success of an ecommerce strategy rests on resourcing. This chapter looks at the people and processes that need to be in place to maintain a brand’s ecommerce function and considers the application of agile principles. Ecommerce resourcing Econsultancy’s Organisational Structure and Resourcing Best Practice Guide looks at common approaches to structuring ecommerce capability. In […]

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Ecommerce Payment Solutions

Convenient and secure payment gateways and solutions play a critical role in ensuring a seamless customer experience. They enable businesses to process the completion of sales by capturing enough information from a user for a bank to safely authorise payment. Research by payment systems company ACI Worldwide has shown that targeting shoppers with the right […]

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Ecommerce Platforms and Partnerships

As every business is different, so too are the requirements for the platforms and partners with which to build out the ecommerce capability. This chapter outlines what marketers must consider when selecting platforms and building partnerships. Hosted and self-hosted solutions One of the key decisions when selecting an ecommerce platform, particularly if it is for […]

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Innovation in Martech and Commerce Technology

Before looking at the different ecommerce platforms that businesses need to build and sustain an ecommerce function, it is instructive to consider how martech and commerce tech is developing, the capabilities this offers brands and how it is becoming more accessible. This chapter looks at the three major trends that will guide ecommerce evolution, and […]

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The Fundamentals of Ecommerce Strategy

Ecommerce success depends on a specific set of factors. This chapter runs through the fundamentals of ecommerce strategy, the formula for driving success, models that outline what the business needs to support an ecommerce function, and the components required in an ecommerce tech stack. The ecommerce formula At the most fundamental level, ecommerce success is […]

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The Evolution of Ecommerce

Establishing a clear strategy and a robust operational setup is essential for ecommerce success. As routes to market proliferate and evolve, businesses are presented with the opportunity to explore new areas and models. In order to do so, they must establish the operational capability that allows for this experimentation while optimising existing opportunities and approaches. […]

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Ecommerce Strategy and Operations: A Summary

Ecommerce is evolving rapidly as businesses look to drive revenue and meet growing consumer expectations. With swiftly changing competitive, technology, market and customer contexts (accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic), businesses need to respond by shaping their ecommerce operations, strategies and models in ways that satisfy contemporary customer needs. Yet they must also ensure their practices […]

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