Each Friday for six weeks we’ll be revealing our #TheDigitals SuperStar of the week, with our final SuperStar getting a chance to join the judging panel for The Digitals! 

How does it work? 

To join the leaderboard, you can gain points by using #TheDigitals hashtag, but it’s not as easy as just auto-tweeting the tag 10,000 times (sorry). 

We really want people to get talking about the awards (and why wouldn’t you be?), so #TheDigitals Superstar of the Week leaderboard shows who is making the most valuable contribution to the Twitter conversation about The Digitals awards this week:


Each player is rated according to:

  • How many tweets they have made that mention #TheDigitals
  • How many retweets their tweets have received from their followers
  • How many conversations they have participated in around The Digitals

The Superstar of the Week is a way of seeing how you are doing versus your peers and encourages everyone to use the same hashtag for the big conversation around The Digitals.

Who should enter? What projects do you think are most worthy of entries? Join the conversation to have your say.

Each week there will be a Superstar of the Week. Then the leaderboard will reset giving everyone an equal chance to do well the next week. In the sixth week, just before entries are due there will be an added incentive.

The winner will get to be an assistant judge on the entries of #TheDigitals awards themselves. This is your chance to join the ranks of a distinguished international judging panel.

Relevance + conversation = points

We want you to share your examples of digital marketing brilliance: Effectiveness, innovation, impact and more; everything awesome. 

If you’ve worked on an outstanding project and want to share it, then make sure you enter the awards, but also get your clients and followers to share and talk about it. We want to know what you’ve seen that stood out and why it should win a Digital this year. 

The scoring system used by the leaderboard is a “relative weighting”. This is more sophisticated than a simple “who has the most points” system, as it rates each player against each other in each variable first, before combining to create a composite score.

The way it works is that we allocate a percentage of the total points available to each variable. Then the winner in each variable gets the total maximum points, the second (if there are 10 people on the leaderboard) gets 9/10ths of the maximum points, the third player 8/10ths and so on.

We then total up a player’s score in each variable to get their composite score, or “weighted index”.

The maximum points available in each variable are:

  • Tweets – 10 points
  • Retweets – 50 points
  • Mentions – 40 points

The maximum possible score you can achieve is 100.

We do advise though that you don’t spam your Twitter followers just to move up the leaderboard!

What’s in it for me? 

We believe that those driving the most relevant conversation about the awards deserve a place at the top, so we’ve opened up as pace on our international judging panel for our top social influencer. Whoever is topping our leaderboard in week six will be invited to help us judge some of the most exciting digital campaigns around. 

So get to it: Don’t just tell us you’re the best of the best, prove it.

Talk about why you should win, and get your followers to back you up, and you’ll be in the running to help judge the future of digital. 

Visit The Digitals site for more information about the awards.

Visit the leaderboard to see who has already joined the conversation