The UK figure is rising faster year-on-year. 2012-2011 seeing a steeper rise than 2011-2010. 

This could be attributed to many factors. The rise of smartphone and tablet ownership, coupled with increasingly efficient mobile and responsive ecommerce sites, has led to a rise in mobile shopping. There’s also the increasing dominance of ecommerce, in terms of convenience and price, to consider.

According to the OFCOM report, the UK also has a higher level of trust in online retailers than the rest of the globe.

This directly contradicts my prejudice that we’re a country of paranoid document shredders who assume our identities are about to be stolen with every digital footprint we take.

And finally, winning absolutely no points for surprising revelation of 2013: free delivery is the preferred delivery option in all countries.

Although the UK spends the most online, we don’t care if it takes three weeks and the box is damaged, as long as we don’t have to pay a single penny for delivery, we’re happy.

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