Econsultancy and Tealium have launched the 2014 Data Unification Survey, which looks “under the hood” of one of the most misunderstood (and highest) priorities in marketing.

Respondents who complete the survey will receive a complimentary, advance copy of the full and final research report, slated for a late Q2 release. The report will be sold for $695 (£450).

Analysts (like us) have been preaching for years about the power of aligning customer data and marketing applications.

Building a single customer view that can simultaneously benefit from application data while guiding those applications should be a priority for organizations using or working toward a data-driven marketing model.

But integrating data sources and applications is much easier said than done. Our research into integrated marketing suggests that fewer than one in five organizations with over $5MM in marketing spend have achieved a single customer view.

That’s why we’re interested in the results of this new survey. They focus on the realities of time, budget, skills and technology that are integral to successful data unification.

The survey will answer questions like…

  • What are the data errors that confound marketers and technologists?
  • What does “good enough” look like?
  • How does your state of data unification compare with the market?
  • What is the internal business case for integrating your applications and data?
  • Where does the “single customer view” sit on the CMO’s priority list?

The survey also contains questions for agencies and vendors on these topics, as well as a deeper dive on the issue of internal barriers and key missteps in the process.

We look forward to sharing the full results with those that participate.  Please take the survey and help spread the word. The deadline for taking part is April 25th, 2014.