Dedicated Vine analytics tools

Since Vine launched last month, we’ve been having a blast contemplating the ramifications for marketers as well as making our own Vines.

Now a social analytics company called Simply Measured has released a tool that marketers can use to track how many people have seen their Vines.

With a nod in design to many of the social infographics you run across on the web these days, the dashboard shows the amount of posts/Vines you have made, and their performance. Have a look at this summary of Chris Brogan’s Vines to date for an example.

The continued rise of Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest as massive engagement silos

Our recent Adobe Social Digital Intelligence Briefing showed Pinterest and Instagram quickly rising in importance to brand marketers, with 37% of companies surveyed having an active brand presence on Pinterest (29% say presence is limited, 34% future).

When you consider that user-generated content siloed on each of the above mentioned innovative social platforms is now actually driving marketing heads at global companies to pay attention to how it affects the brand (fashion brands to a much greater extent right now) it is apparent that photos/gifs/video drive more emotion and engagement than text ever can.

Interestingly, Curalate (another analytics tool) just announced the ability to track Instagram and Pinterest from the same dashboard. 

As Tim Peterson at Adweek points out, companies like Curalate, Pinfluencer, Simply Measured and Nitrogram will become key to brands who want to separate metrics from both user-gen, and content the brand posts to make more educated content strategy decisions for future posts.

It’s the GIF that keeps giving

Yes, it’s true that the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) was introduced in 1987. So maybe it’s the millennial generation’s lust for retro throwbacks that keeps driving their explosive popularity across the web?

If you had told me ten years ago that I would be writing a post for a leading marketing blog ending on the importance of GIFs in 2013, I would have laughed heartily…but here we are. 

For further evidence on how seriously GIFs are being taken as far as content vehicles, look no further than Twitter’s Vine and Vimeo’s Echograph.

To begin forming your visual content marketing strategy in Pinterest now, check out our Pinterest for Business Best Practice Guide.