Make decisions based on testing

Testing works, and therefore it’s no surprise that the companies achieving the best conversion rates are using this approach.

70% of top performers use testing in various capacities, compared to only 46% for the rest of the sample.

What statement best describes your organization’s current approach to testing?

Allocate resources for optimization

When companies have a culture of testing and optimization, finding the budget for this becomes easier as ROI can be proved easily.

The top 20% performers are 54% more likely to be devoting more than 5% of their budgets to a range of optimization activities.

What percentage of your total marketing budget is allocated to optimization activities (including agency fees, professional services, technology)?

Content targeting

For the top 20% there is a 43% greater likelihood that they are using various content targeting processes.

These firms see the opportunity to target and personalize content and are working toward it. They are far also more likely to be using automation and data to make content decisions (+83%).

Collaborate across departments 

The top 20% of firms are 88% more likely to engage other departments for contributions and to expand their testing efforts.

As a whole, the respondents who use this expanded optimization approach see a lift in conversion from the average of 2.6% to 4.3%.

Which customer experience measurement and optimization tactics do you currently use?

The importance of mobile

Mobile is now fundamental to marketers, and this channel is just as important, if not more, than any other.

The 20% of respondents with the highest conversion rates see this, with 83% describing mobile is important to their marketing efforts in 2014.

How important is focusing on mobile to support your cross-channel efforts in 2014?

Here’s the link to download a copy of Adobe’s Digital Optimization Survey.