It’s nearly that time of year again.

Time for John Lewis to make us cry Yuletide tears of sentimentality (and get the urge to panic-buy a few gifts).

So, with newly-released data from Unruly, let’s take a look back at the most-shared Christmas ads from over the years.

According to the figures, Sainsbury’s is the UK champion among supermarkets, featuring twice in the top 10.

Likewise, John Lewis is a prominent fixture, as one would expect. Its 2016 advert hits our screens in the next few days – the excitement is palpable.

To find out who makes the top spot, scroll through the list (counting down from 10 to one).

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10. NBA: Jingle Hoops (2013) – 564,475 shares

9. Sainsbury’s: Christmas is for Sharing (2014) – 771,387 shares

8. John Lewis: Monty the Penguin (2014) – 1,012,605 shares

7. Sainsbury’s: Mog’s Christmas Calamity (2015) – 1,072,251 shares

6. John Lewis: The Bear and the Hare (2013) – 1,226,467 shares

5. John Lewis: Man On The Moon (2015) – 1,672,666 shares

4. Kmart: Show Your Joe (2013) – 1,857,872 shares

3. WestJet: Real-time Giving (2013) – 2,221,976 shares

2. Universal: Minions movie (2014) – Minions Go Caroling – 3,849,214 shares

1. Edeka: #Heimkommen (2015) – 3,984,010 shares

For those who don’t speak German, ‘Heimkommen’ means ‘Homecoming’.

Since it was released by supermarket chain Edeka in November 2015, this ad has generated 3.98m shares, putting it just ahead of a 2014 Christmas teaser for the movie Minions.

Bravo to Edeka!