This company has never produced a piece of content about their customers’ issues and challenges. It just churns out pictures of the hardware (boooooring) and endless lists of features and specifications (double booooooring).

Its product launches are just – blah, blah, blah – more product feature litanies, delivered by over-excited techies in love with their own engineering.

Its advertising is essentially product beauty shots. No eBooks. No white papers. No opinion pieces. Little or no blogging. No infographics. No microsites. No thought leadership. No signs of inbound marketing or lead nurturing.

Under an admittedly slick surface, it’s the kind of old school tech marketing that could have been seen any time in the last fifty years.

The result?

This laggard’s market capitalization was, last time I looked, $414bn, making it the world’s largest company. Bigger than most of its ‘thought leading’ competitors put together.

The company?


The lesson?

There’s more than one way to win a market.