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Can TikTok rival Instagram for influencer marketing success?

 ‌ With its selection of editing tools – including copyright-free music, soundbites, filters, and AR effects – TikTok has naturally borne a more stylised and slick style of content; designed to truly entertain rather than to portray a lifestyle that people want to emulate (or buy into). Now with TikTok surpassing one billion global downloads, brands are naturally trying to tap into the platform’s influencer opportunity.

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Microlearning: Influencer Marketing

 ‌ Learn the principles and practice of influencer marketing in under two minutes, with this microlearning module, which includes supporting resources to dive into the topic further.

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China's KOLs: What you need to know

 ‌ China’s top Key Opinion Leaders are notorious for wielding phenomenal levels of commercial influence in their particular verticals, such as fashion or cosmetics – making them an incredibly lucrative investment for the brands who partner with them.

In this briefing on the biggest digital trends in China, Rebecca Sentance asks, “What are KOLs and where do they publish, and how are they different from western influencers?”


Get stats on influencers marketing – explore the ISD

 ‌ You’ll find over 3,000 charts and statistics related to influencer marketing, in the Internet Statistics Database. Constantly updated with the latest data, for you to browse, save and export.

Articles on influencer marketing

Fast Track Training: Influencer Marketing

This intensive Fast Track course covers the key areas of influencer marketing: building a business case, identifying the right influencers, avoiding common pitfalls, measuring the success of campaigns and partnerships, and more.

1-day course | various venues | London

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