So, why the rolling strategy? Here’s a bit more on the campaign and how it makes a refreshing change from the Instagram feeds of other automotive brands.

Bespoke and refreshed content

Disclaimer: I’m not the biggest car fan. One aspect that fails to interest me (especially when it comes to the social media activity of brands) is the repetitive nature of the content. 

How many different ways can you photograph a car? This is a deliberately shallow point of view, of course, but it perhaps demonstrates why Maserati has created a strategy that is based upon diversity and change.  

Every month, the brand partners with an influencer from a different industry or profession. The list ranges from chef Francesco Mazzei to photographer Darryll Jones. The latest has been an ambassador for VisitScotland – landscape photographer Marc Pickering. It’s not just a case of the brand posting the occasional image either. The influencers are in total control of the Maserati account, with a new person taking over from the last at the start of each month. With a continual cycle of fresh content, the result is an incredibly varied and interesting feed.

Socially inclusive campaign

While Instagram is known for being a channel based on exclusivity, with some brands even creating private accounts to build on this notion – Maserati aims to be socially inclusive instead.

Of course, Maserati is a luxury brand with a price point to reflect this. However, the strategy is designed to attract people with a wide range of interests. So, whether potential consumers are into fashion, travel or sports – the idea is that there is bound to be an influencer that they can identify with. 

Meanwhile, this also allows the brand to showcase a wide range of cars and how they can thrive in specific contexts. For instance, while an influencer like the Dapper Chapper uses the GranCabrio MC for a trip around Chelsea, photographer Joshua Cowan uses the far more robust Maserati Ghibli to tackle the bendy roads of the Lake District.

Reaches a wider audience

As well as creating bespoke content, the takeover campaign has also allowed Maserati to increase its reach, capitalising on the existing audiences of the influencers themselves.

Tallia Storm, for instance, has over 209,000 followers on her own Instagram channel. By promoting the partnership across all her social media, she is likely to have attracted users who would otherwise be unaware or unlikely to engage with a car brand. 

Granted, not everyone involved has over 200,000 followers, however by choosing personalities with a smaller yet highly active and engaged audience, Maserati hopes to tap into high levels of authenticity and consumer trust.

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