First off it’s worth pointing out that YouTube provides a number of great trends resources. There’s…

Here’s a video explaining how the various Trends services work.

And here’s the superhero trend to begin with.. 

The dark, but popular, knight

GTA vs Call of Duty

GTA has a new game launching in September. Call of Duty, too, has a new release this month.

Their respective game play videos that have recently been revealed are very popular, and you can see the great increase in searches on YouTube.

I heartily recommend the online game play video as a lesson in how to tell a story over three or our minutes of footage.

It’s worth checking out the various videos on the Rockstar channel if you’re a fan of their irreverent games. Highlights include clickable video such as these character back stories, where you can select one of the three GTA protagonists.

La Liga vs Premiership

Staying with soccer. More people want to see Luis Suarez bite someone than score some goals, obviously.

Check out the bite spike!



Spongebob vs Ninja Turtles

‘Ruh oh!’ or ‘cowabunga’, Spongebob is way ahead of Scooby Doo and Ninja Turtles. To be fair, Spongebob knows exactly what fun is.


Coca Cola vs Pepsi (and Ben Shaws)

Understandable, considering Ben Shaws’ YouTube content mainly consists of this guy describing his first taste of cream soda.

Gordon vs Nigella

Gordon Ramsay’s is beating Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver with his unique, fiery brew of food and ‘f*ck’. 


Have a play around. You must be able to find better stuff than me.