Conversational AI received a huge shot in the arm with the release of ChatGPT late last November – showing how generative AI technology could be combined with a conversational interface to create a more natural and fluid online chat experience. Since then, many more businesses have been finding ways to integrate chat into their products and services, from search engines to social networks.

However, even before the advent of ChatGPT, businesses were using conversational AI as a means of creating more interactive, reactive and personalised online experiences. One sector that has been adept at making use of conversational AI is automotive. In the digitally-transforming automotive sector, a customer’s first point of contact with an OEM or dealer might well be a chatbot, and conversational assistants are increasingly being integrated into cars themselves to help customers navigate software-enhanced vehicles.

How is conversational AI being used to improve customer experience in the automotive sector, and what are some stand-out examples of this in action?

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