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How to win at driving app downloads

According to Juniper Research’s latest report, they forecast that over 160bn apps will be downloaded globally onto smartphones and tablets in 2017.

Although the UK is the most expensive country in the world to drive app downloads, with 58% of the country owning a smartphone and 19% owning a tablet, the UK represents a lucrative territory to crack now and increasingly so in the next four to five years.

Here we’ll take another look at InMobi’s App Insight Report, released last week, and reveal some key insight and advice on how your company can best drive app downloads on mobile and tablet.


10 interesting digital marketing stats we've seen this week

Here are some of the most interesting digital marketing stats we've seen this week.

Stats include mobile analytics, Twitter customer service, eBay's mobile revenue, online privacy, digital salaries, dual screening in America, and app downloads.

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