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An introduction to direct-to-consumer brands and their marketing

In the past decade, we’ve seen a swathe of successful digital-first direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands make their mark. From Dollar Shave Club to Glossier – D2C has become synonymous with success. Why is this the case, and what does it tell us about retail and marketing?

This briefing explores the benefits of the D2C sales model, takes a look at some of the best examples of this trend, and examines the future of D2C.

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Fast Track Training: Ecommerce & Online Merchandising

This course deep dives into the fundamentals of online selling, guiding you through a framework for online merchandising. From product selection and presentation, through to search, sorting, filtering and promotions.

1-day course | various dates | London

Digital Shift Q3 2019: Ever-changing retail

In this chapter of the Digital Shift Q3 2019, we explore the rapidly-changing retail landscape: the latest need-to-know trends in commerce including influencers as retailers, AI prediction, e-commerce media and a big move into commerce from Google.


"83% of global consumers say quick and easy checkout is their most valued retail shopping experience"

Visit the Internet Statistics Database for over 2,500 global charts and statistics related to the retail sector, for you to browse, save and export.

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Benchmark your company's digital performance

See how your organisation’s digital performance measures up compared to others in the retail sector, with the Performance Benchmarks tool. You can search, save and export metrics from average cost per action on Facebook to checkout completion rate.

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