Digital Shift Q2 2019: New Retail

In this chapter of the Digital Shift Q2 2019, we explore ‘New Retail’, a phrase coined by Alibaba founder Jack Ma to describe the company’s innovative developments in physical and online retail.

The webinar explores these innovations, as well as those by Amazon, Tiffany & Co, Virgin Holidays and Burger King.

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Looking for retail statistics and market data?

The Internet Statistics Database contains over 2,000 global charts and statistics related to the retail sector, for you to browse, save and export.

Ecommerce: Third-Party Marketplaces for Retailers

Ecommerce: Third-Party Marketplaces for Retailers

This report considers the pros and cons of third-party marketplaces, covering components such as merchandising, optimisation and pricing, as well as strategic recommendations.

It supplements the Ecommerce Best Practice Guide, focusing specifically on aspects of best practice that relate to selling products through sites such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy.

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b & h save the tax

B&H turns new sales tax challenges into a fintech opportunity

Many online retailers in the US were dealt a blow when the Supreme Court ruled in South Dakota v. Wayfair that states had the right to force retailers to collect sales tax on purchases to customers in their states even when retailers do not have a physical presence there.

Benchmark your company's digital performance

See how your organisation’s digital performance measures up compared to others in the retail sector, with the Performance Benchmarks tool. You can search, save and export metrics from average cost per action on Facebook to checkout completion rate.

Webinar: Retailer's Beware! All The Ways Your Analytics Are Costing You Money

Digital marketers understand that just because something is measurable doesn’t mean it’s relevant. They also get that the greater measurability offered up by Google, Facebook and Amazon doesn’t translate to performance reporting you can use, or provide clear, actionable retail intelligence. Not understanding the difference between measurability and transparency is dangerous and costly.

In this webinar, Econsultancy’s Stefan Tornquist and author Andreas Reiffen explore these risks and compare notes on strategies and solutions.

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