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Five ways to ruin your website

bad-web-designGo and look at your Facebook page. Go on, right now. And don’t pretend you haven’t got one, we’ve been watching you and we know you spend six hours a day playing Mafia Wars.

OK, so what do you notice about it?

How about cleanliness? Facebook takes a lot of flak, but one thing it does well is design.

Recently we’ve started to see the introduction of customer landers, backgrounds and headers, but even these are worked into the basic layout.

You can have a hundred boxes on Facebook and it will remain a clean, clear masterclass in whitespace management.

One of the main reasons it managed to crush the crazed glittery-zwinky world of MySpace is that it doesn’t ever make your eyeballs catch fire. Anyone can use it easily.

Now let’s have a look at your website...