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Q&A: Adam Broitman on augmented reality marketing

Adam BroitmanCaution: eye-poppingly cool links ahead.

If you haven't yet heard of augmented reality, or its applications in marketing, it's time to start working on some serious mind-expansion. AR may be brand new cutting edge technology, but it's already started creeping into marketing campaigns from organizations ranging from GE to Esquire magazine...even the US Postal Service.

Adam Broitman, partner and ringleader of the New York based agency, has been preaching the AR gospel -- and working on some groundbreaking campaigns. We caught up with him to ask what augmented reality is all about, and what marketers should being doing to prepare for this next wave of radical technological possibilities.


Google takes another stab at QR codes. Will it work this time?

The American market may be quick to catch onto some things, but the adoption of QR codes has not been one of them. The two-dimensional bar codes, that point to a destination online when captured with a smartphone, have taken off in some markets (they're huge in Japan!) but have not been met with widespread adoption stateside.

This week, Google announced a broad plan to introduce QR code stickers in the windows of over 100,000 local businesses nationwide. Could this be the tipping point that imbeds the QR code in the American conscience? Well, that will depend on a few things.