Author: Michael Feiner

Michael Feiner

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Is Google Analytics Premium for you?

After several years of vendor consolidation the web analytics market has a new enterprise-level vendor. Following a summer of innovation and product announcements, Google finally launched Google Analytics Premium in September.  

Premium aims to address the needs of large corporations that cannot rely on the free standard version Google Analytics (GA, with all inclusive package, a powerful analytics tool, migration and implementation consultancy, training, account management and 24/7 support.

However, switching web analytics tools is rarely an easy decision or a straight forward process.

If you are thinking of upgrading from GA or a switching from another analytics vendor, here are the pros and cons...


Why the EU Privacy Directive is not a real threat to the internet industry

The new EU e-Privacy Directive that comes into effect in the UK on May 25 has caused a major stir in the local internet community, but its real impact will depend on enforcement and ‘cost’ to end users.

Could common sense prevail? Perhaps, but in the end practicality will...


Why IBM’s acquisition of Coremetrics will change web analytics

Web analytics has lagged behind traditional business analysis methods for many years. IBM, a new/old player in the web analytics world, is now in the position to change that and move the two disciplines closer. Statistical modelling will significantly increase the value and prominence of web analytics.