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Google prepping Android 5.0: report

It seems like only yesterday that Google introduced its latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, to the world. At the time, I suggested that it might be "the most important Android release ever."

And for a good reason: Ice Cream Sandwich, which marked the fourth version of Android, included some major changes to the Android interface and sought to make Android a tasty option for both smart phones and tablets.


Android soars while Chrome OS falters

As Google announced the launch of its new Google Music service, the world's largest search engine also revealed that the number of active Android devices has surpassed 200m.

And that number is growing rapidly, with Google now activating more than 550,000 devices each day.


Google's new Chromebook: too little, too late?

Even if tablet computers, namely the iPad, aren't killing desktops, notebooks and kittens, many in the tech and marketing industries express the sentiment that the tablet is going to be the source of fundamental change in many markets.

So where does that leave Google's Chromebook, which the search giant unveiled to the world yesterday?


12 reasons Chrome OS will fail

Yesterday, Google held a press conference at its Mountain View headquarters to provide the world with an update on its new operating system, Chrome OS.

A lot of new details were forthcoming, which have have been well-covered by others. The questions on everyone's mind: is Chrome OS the real deal? Where does it fit in? How will it impact the OS market. My answers: it isn't, nowhere, it won't. Here are 12 reasons why Chrome OS is going to fail.


Lack of demand for Acer's Android netbook: a sign of things to come for Chrome OS?

There was a considerable amount of excitement when Google announced Chrome OS. Many felt that it was a significant development that would not only have an impact on Google's future, but on Microsoft's future.

But the fate of one Android-based netbook may be a sign of things to come for Google's OS efforts.

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Google Chrome OS: bloggers versus techies

Yesterday's announcement of that Google was getting into the OS game (sort of) was not surprisingly the meme du jour. This is a move that many had expected for some time and gave bloggers and techies plenty of conversation fodder.

The most interesting thing about the buzz: the polar extremes in opinion. Some people think that Google Chrome OS is a serious threat to Microsoft while others dismissed outright Google's announcement.


Much ado about nothing: Google Chrome OS

By now, you've probably heard the news: Google has finally made its move in the OS arena. Google Chrome OS is on its way and Google is taking aim at a market in which Microsoft's grip seems tenuous: netbooks.

Not surprisingly, the buzz has begun. Complete, of course, with sensational headlines like the one that declares Google has dropped a "nuclear bomb" on Microsoft.