Author: Kees de Vos

Kees de Vos


- Executive level Multi-channel consultant with 10+ years experience. 
- Multi-channel (technology) strategies/roadmaps for leading retailers, manufacturers and brands worldwide.
- Consulting, designing, delivering and running large multi-channel systems. 
- Translating business needs in pragmatic technology solutions. 
- Passionate about delivering multi-channel success.

e-Commerce/Multi-Channel Retail - B2C/B2B, Strategy/Roadmaps, Programme planning and support, Implementation and Operations, Stakeholder Management, Enterprise Architecture, Solution Design and Application Delivery

Goodbye e-commerce, hello 'customer interaction'

In my last post I outlined how we need to start changing our thinking about multichannel, in particular the fact that we will need to start addressing a collection of touchpoints that we offer to the consumer and provide a good user experience across all of these. 

Now, the message that the user experience needs to be spot on is not new, but the fact it now needs to be good across every channel provides a whole new challenge, and neither our systems, nor our organisations are geared up for it.


Multichannel: it’s not what it used to be…

Multichannel commerce is moving at a fast rate, but to ensure companies get their strategies right, it may be a good idea to ensure the basics are all in place.


The multichannel challenge for retailers

Consumer behaviour is driving multichannel growth and if retailers want to stay in touch with their customers they must adapt now. 

Let's face it, multichannel is here, and the majority of customers use several channels before they buy (around 86% apparently, according to a recent study by Leo Burnett).

So, whatever you do as a retailer, if you're not in the multichannel game, then you're not planning to be in retail for the long run, as your customers already are.